How To Easily And Effectively Distinguish Polyester And Nylon

distinguish polyester and nylon by visually

How To Distinguish Polyester And Nylon

Polyester and nylon are widely used in various bag products in daily life and are closely related to our daily lives. This article introduces how to easily and effectively distinguish between polyester and nylon.

1. Distinguish Polyester And Nylon By Visually

a) Nylon fabrics usually have a high glossiness;
b) Compared to polyester fabric, the color is relatively dull.

2. Distinguish Polyester And Nylon from the perspective of touch

a) Nylon fabric usually feels smoother to the touch;
b) Compared to polyester fabric, the feel is relatively rough.

3. Distinguishing polyester and nylon fabrics through combustion tests

a) Nylon (polyamide fiber): When approaching a flame, it quickly contracts and melts into a white or light yellow gel. When burning, the flame is small, sometimes there is a “hissing” sound, emitting white smoke with a smell similar to celery or vinegar. After cooling, the residue presents a hard plastic texture and is not easy to crush.
b) Polyester (polyester fiber): When burned, it produces a bright and rapid flame, accompanied by strong black smoke. The burning area melts into transparent or black small balls, emitting a smell similar to candle burning. After cooling, it becomes brittle when pinched and can shatter.

distinguishing polyester and nylon fabrics through combustion tests
distinguishing polyester and nylon fabrics through combustion tests

4. Distinguishing Polyester And Nylon Physical Properties of Polyester and Nylon Materials

a) Nylon generally has good elasticity, with a dyeing temperature of 100 degrees. When dyed with neutral or acidic dyes, nylon fabrics have good elasticity and recovery, high tensile strength, excellent wear resistance, and some moisture absorption. However, they are prone to yellowing when exposed to sunlight for a long time.
b) Polyester has good high temperature resistance, with a dyeing temperature of 130 degrees and a hot melt method generally baking below 200 degrees. Polyester fabrics have good breathability and moisture wicking properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, and good deformation resistance, but their wear resistance is not as good as nylon. The main characteristic of polyester is that it has better stability.

By comparing the above characteristics, the fabric material can be preliminarily determined. However, in order to accurately distinguish between the two, professional methods such as chemical analysis or microscopic observation can be used to further confirm under laboratory conditions. For consumers, the combustion test combined with appearance and feel is a convenient method of differentiation. Xiamen Fulllook Co., Limited specializes in supplying polyester and nylon bags. If you would like to learn more about product knowledge and customize bags, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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