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How long does a Fjallraven backpack take to ship

When you’re finished design for a new backpack, one of the most important factors to [...]

How to Measure Backpack Volume

Why We Need To Measure Backpack Volume When traveling, you need a backpack that can [...]

What is rPET

What is rPET? Some companies will demand that you take their products back, not only [...]

How to custom backpack from China


Carry-on bags

Carry-on bags Carry-on bag is very common when we travel or tourism. What’s the size [...]

Eighth anniversary

Quanzhou Guanghui Bags Co., Ltd 8years Anniversary Our company from a small workshop to now [...]

Backpack Manufacturers

About Backpack Manufacturers Quanzhou guanghui bags co., Ltd is china bags factory with more than [...]

Facebook Page is available now

Quanzhou Guagnhui Bags Facebook Page is available now   As Quanzhou Bags manufacturer we have realize have our [...]

Welcome to Guanghui Bags 118th canton fair booth

Welcome to Guanghui Bags 118th canton fair booth Glad to all of our client we [...]

Quanzhou Guanghui Bags 117th Canton Fair

Have you miss our 117th Canton Fair Booth. Welcome to find us at 118Th Canton [...]