What is rPET

What is rPET

What is rPET?
Some companies will demand that you take their products back, not only the cardboardboxes at the store’s exit; sometimes a 100% recycle box for each product is required.

They try their best to make their products more environmentally friendly.
Products made of rPET have been increasingly chosen by our clients. These days, some ofthese products are being made only from recycled PET. For example:

Let’s try to give a summary of what rPET does.

First, rPET’s R (recycle) means recycling and recycling in English. PET is polyethylene terephthalate.”
“rPET Recyclables” are a product of the PETindustry that is a recyclable in most markets.
lt is an environmentally friendly recycled cotton material.

The fabric uses recycled materials that havebeen used to create textiles before.Productsmade primarily from recycled plastic bottlesand recycled fibers.
PET fiber can be 100% regenerated intorecycling fees.

Therefore, the usage of the recycled PET fabricworld wide became more common, since itsmarket price remains low.In the u.s., a studyfound that recycled fabric represented about25 percent of the total PET fabric used. Manydeveloping countries depend on scrap PET for new.

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