What is RPET bags answer from China bags manufacturer

RPET bags

RPET bags

What is RPET bags? Answer from a China bags manufacturer.

RPET stands for “recycled polyethylene terephthalate,” which is a type of plastic made from recycled materials.

A RPET backpack is a backpack made from this type of recycled plastic.

These types of backpacks are often marketed as being environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled materials and can help to reduce plastic waste.

RPET Bags is one kind bags made from RPET.

RPET is made from the recycled bottles, it’s ECO material.


We have deal with the RPET material bags for several years.

Several years ago, the RPET material was apparent as one kind of non-woven material.

And it’s really suited to make the nonwoven shipping bags


During those years develop, the fabric raw material manufacturer has developed the new kind R-PET material.

And it can totally compare with the polyester.

If we put the two kinds of material together, it’s difficult for you to identify which is RPET, which is traditional polyester.

So R-PET can make into all kinds of bags same as the traditional polyester.

But R-PET due is eco factor, it’s become more and more popular in the world, especially in the EU.


Do a favor for the earth, do a favor for our posterity.

Customized your bags by RPET material.

Our RPET Material is already certificated by GRS (Global Resource Solutions)

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